Cliff Thorn Construction

Elevating Spaces Through Exceptional Remodeling Excellence

With a proven track record in remodeling large-scale projects including warehouse/retail buildings, apartment complexes, duplexes, hospitals, dental offices, and physical therapy offices, we stand as your trusted partner in reimagining spaces for maximum efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality

Our Services

  • Warehouse and Retail Renewal: From repurposing warehouses for modern retail experiences to optimizing storage systems, our expert team delivers comprehensive solutions that breathe new life into commercial spaces.
  • Apartment Complex and Duplex Revitalization: We understand the unique challenges of multi-unit residences. Our innovative designs and expert execution add value to properties, enhance tenant experiences, and increase market appeal.
  • Healthcare Facilities Transformation: Hospitals, dental offices, and physical therapy spaces demand precision. Our specialized team ensures that medical facilities are designed to support patient care, staff efficiency, and regulatory compliance.